DAY 321: Driving in SA and WA

19 Jul

I’VE sulked everywhere: atop mountains, by scenic lakes, on planes, trains and automobiles, throughout long walks with Mum and Dad (100m behind) and longer board games.

So when I find out Layna is reluctant to let me lay my grubby hands on her lovely new steering wheel just a few hundred kays into our four-day road trip, it seems as though history must repeat itself. Not only does the cosmos not want me to get my licence, neither does anybody else. BROOD.

By rights, I could sulk all the way through our latte stop at Snowtown, the Flinders Ranges, Kimba – the halfway point of Australia – the Big Galah, the Big Roo and the Nullarbor golf course, but there isn’t room for passive aggressiveness in a car loaded up with three people and confectionary; three people dancing on a knife-edge of sugar violence. Luckily, Layna feels the same, as about 12 hours into our trip, she reluctantly relinquishes her grip on the wheel. Onya!

Kangaroos: 0. Sudden swerves to the side when 26-wheelers trundle past: 100s.

Keeper? Yes, this was very satisfying. I suspect I was handed the wheel to prevent me from spilling any more peanut butter sandwich crumbs on the spanking new passenger seat, though.

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