DAY 318: Leading by example in public toilets

16 Jul

This was in Bendigo station toilet.

I CAN never pick who writes the filth in girls’ toilets. You could be in the most mild-mannered of indie establishments and there’ll be references to orifices and base sexual activities all over the walls, complete with diagrams. Who writes it? There never seem to be any immediately obvious trolls sitting in the pub.

I’m feeling sentimental after being mean in yesterday’s blog, so I write an inspiring message in a toilet cubicle.

This differs from Day 141 – Baring My Soul on a Dunny Wall – in that Day 141’s missive went on for far too long and probably made everyone vomit, whereas this’ll serve as inspiration to make future visitors to this stall think long and hard about their lives.

Other inspirational messages, if you get the urge to do the same, might be:

Call home today and don’t just let Dad hand over the phone.

Go back out there and give your boyfriend some attention; you’ve been taking him for granted for ages.

Try and find something nice about everybody sat in the waiting-room.

Manners cost nothing.

Why don’t you wear your hair another way today?

If you answer that text you can’t be arsed answering, maybe you will get an answer to that other text you sent. Even if you don’t, you’ll have done the right thing.

Keeper? Yes.

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