DAY 317: Booking a flight at random and letting Mum take the rap

15 Jul

I’VE got some Qantas frequent flyer points stored up and I decide to pick a destination at random, to bugger off to in September.

It can’t TOTALLY be at random though, as I don’t have a driver’s licence and I don’t fancy my chances taking in the delights of Conclurry or Olympic Dam without wheels, let alone Paraburdoo, est. 1970 (“other facilities provided in town are a supermarket, newsagency, bottleshop, pharmacy and gift shop”).

So to randomise it up a bit, I ring Mum in England and get her to pick from three destinations she’s never heard of, which is a bit mean, since she’s not allowed to read the blog and has been told I will be able to tell if she does. She opts for Hervey Bay in Queensland, but here are her reasons…

Hervey Bay: “Yes, I gathered it was a bay. That’s why I chose it.”

Bundaberg: “Didn’t like the sound of it. It sounded a bit rough.”

Port Lincoln: “Sounded a bit serious.”

Now if Hervey Bay turns out to be shit on a stick, I can just add it to my list of grievances.

“Well we know that, you’ve been blaming me for a long time.”

Keeper? That was quite good, and it was nice of Mum to pick a bay. She’s not picking my outfits or boyfriends, but maybe other things.

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