DAY 267: Getting my dream analysed

25 May

MYSTIC Roi de Lune analyses dreams for British psychic mag It’s Fate, and he kindly profiles mine for a forthcoming issue.

It’s Fate believes “there’s another world out there, co-existing alongside ours, sometimes peacefully, sometimes menacingly. Our brilliant mind-blowing magazine is the perfect portal through which readers are transported into the realms of the supernatural.”

My dream’s horribly violent, but given that It’s Fate has cover lines like GHOSTLY LUST – I HAD NOWHERE TO HIDE FROM A RAPIST’S SPIRIT and SCALPED AND ROASTED TO DEATH!, I think it’s found its spiritual home.

My dream:

A girl I vaguely know told me that we’d butchered and skinned someone together (I don’t remember doing it, but hey, stranger things have happened in a blackout), and that the body had been found… but that it was okay because the authorities suspected someone else. I knew that I was likely to confess, since I always feel the urge to confess my wrong doings, but if I did this girl was likely to pin everything on me. So I was caught in a dilemma of whether to confess and go to jail for a long time, or not. I woke up before it was resolved.

Roi de Lune’s interpretation:


Your dream represents the self-blame and guilt you subconsciously feel, for something specific you’ve done in the past, which other people aren’t aware of. I’m sure it’s not as horrendous as the events of your dream suggest! But, the effects of unresolved guilt can be very serious if left unattended in the mind to fester away. Your dream is symbolic of the subconscious dilemma you have, regarding your self blame – do you tell someone about it and risk exposing your inner feelings, or just carry on keeping quiet and continue experiencing negative effects? You woke up before it was resolved, because you weren’t ready to make a decision at that point, but with time it’ll become clear to you which course of action to take.

Keeper? I believe dreams are designed to be analysed, yes. I’m not telling you what I’m feeling murderously guilty about, no.

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