DAY 217: Automatic writing. REDRUM! REDRUM!

5 Apr

Back to the age of licking batteries (try it before you knock it) and highly flammable pajamas. Cool.

IF you’re right-handed and you try writing with your left hand, you supposedly access the right hemisphere of the brain – that which is more emotional, creative and chaotic.

“Using your non-dominant hand is a direct link to that portion of your ‘self’; without filtering it through your logical/analytical left brain,” says some website or other I can’t find now, probably because my right hemisphere has just declared anarchy.

To find out what my ‘self’ has to say, I decide to start with “my name is Jenny” and then just see what happens.

I get unnerved by the sight of my handwriting as a six-year-old before I even reach the end of the second word. Asking myself questions like, “What do I like?” and “What do I want to be?” brings back immediate answers, worries and wishes from that age, and surprise that someone wants to know. I can clearly picture everything in my bedroom. It’s not to a Twilight Zone extent, but it is like I’ve zeroed in on the inner child, which is going unchecked. Usually it’ll be silenced by the adult side with a wry chuckle or patronising putdown, but now it’s flying under the radar.

Whether it’s the right hemisphere talking or just memories triggered by the sight of my handwriting, I couldn’t say, but it feels like a bit of a Pandora’s box, so I stop. Shaddap, kid.

By the way, if you’re bored, here’s a quiz that determines whether you’re right- or left-brain dominated. If right, you are probably a new-ager. If left, you are probably a cold fish. I think I was about 90 per cent right-brain, but since the left-brain’s good at maths, I might be wrong.

Keeper? Might have another go. Maybe I could find out where I put my ET keyring.

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