DAY 173: Bulldozing shit

20 Feb

I FIRST meet Stevo down the logger’s pub, where he turns up at five on the dot every day, or else. With the lube of VB, he’s easily persuaded to give me a go on his bulldozer, so the next day I locate him and his machine halfway down a muddy mountain of tree stumps. It’s like the Orcs have been through and destroyed everything.

Stevo’s a man of few words, but he teaches me well and I soon get this thing shifting a wall of mud from one spot to another. It’s got seven levers, but I only have to shift gears from neutral to first/reverse, wave the digger around, work the decelerator and brake, and use two more levers to steer left and right. Easy.

“Woman drivers, eh, mate?” Stevo yells out to the bush pirate, but thankfully then falls silent again.

Keeper? Sure – great fun!


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