DAY 142: Consulting the I Ching

20 Jan

NOTHING could be as fun as the Oracle, but I decide to give the I Ching a go, since it’s based around very sage, ancient wisdom, which is always handy in the absence of common sense.

It’s way too complicated to explain here (convenient), but basically you ask it an overwrought question and then either throw three normal coins, or the coins in a proper I Ching set, or even sticks. Once you’ve totted up your totals, you refer to specific passages in the Book of Changes.

My reading portrays a bird’s claw enclosing a young animal, according to Clare, who’s got an I Ching set by her bed for emergencies. It suggests both being protected and making a successful capture.

There are also mentions of ‘little pigs and fish, symbolising fertility’, although I don’t remember asking the I Ching’s opinion on that matter. Everyone’s got an opinion on that though, haven’t they? Then it starts telling me that I’m a horse that’s going to wander off (hopefully this has nothing to do with next week’s horse trekking task), and the message starts getting a bit diluted. My life is once more shrouded in mystery and confusion, the way I like it.

“There are really nice philosophies though,” I remark to Clare, giving the book a good flick through.

“Most if it,” she says. “Sometimes it tells you you’re going to cut your arm off.”

Keeper? Unsure. Next time I will test the I Ching with fiendishly difficult questions that I already know the answer to. Or if I don’t come back from horse trekking, you’ll know it’s spot on.

2 Responses to “DAY 142: Consulting the I Ching”

  1. Tal January 22, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    Interesting note: Philip K Dick used the I Ching to write his award winning novel “The Man in the High Castle”, throwing the coins to determine every major plot point. Mind you, he was also batshit crazy.

  2. valentish January 22, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    That IS interesting. Wish I’d known it beforehand; then I could have written an interesting entry.

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