DAY 114: Becoming more observant

23 Dec

I’VE often thought that death will be swift and rude, like a 110km/h roo bar of retribution. This is on account of me not being observant.

Ma used to say I live in a dream world (NB if actual Dreamworld would like me to live in it for a day, I’m game), and not much has changed. Occasionally, when meandering into the road* I’m jolted by a vision of myself plastered to the front of a bootscooter’s ute as it thunders down the highway. I’ve got an expression of outrage and a slightly askew skirt.

It’s clear that becoming more observant will have to be a matter of training – not only to ensure long life, but to make the most of it. I start things off by totally observing a bunch of things I’ve never observed before on the way to work. Here:

Who knew these things were on the top of engines?

This reminded me of some of the embassies around Park Lane in London.

My boots look good.

This was in the air near Etihad Stadium. Forgot to observe why. However, according to the internet, the Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti once remarked that observing without evaluating is the highest form of human intelligence.

Another reason I love my town.

Have observed this would be a perfect tree to climb when not wearing a tight skirt.

* This is why I should get my licence – walking’s far too dangerous.

Keeper? I did step blindly into the road a few times to take the pics, but this will improve with time.

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