DAY 62: Learning the ukulele

1 Nov

IF THERE’S one thing that you can be sure of in this topsy-turvy, ever-changing world, it’s that blokes will thrash out ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ over whatever you’re trying to do or say in band rehearsal. I’ve been in and out of ropey bands since I was 16, and that fact has remained constant.

So it’s no surprise to find that, upon joining the local country town ukulele group, the familiar strains of that less-than-original riff comes screaming plinkily out of the souped-up ukulele of the 10-year-old boy next to me. And this is while the rest of us are trying to learn ‘You Are My Sunshine’.

Our tutor, a lovely dapper young chap in a velvet jacket and waistcoat, smiles through gritted teeth: “They’re trying to drag me screaming out of the 30s… into the 90s.”

Keeper? I’ll be back – and I’ll have have learned the solo. (Shouldn’t be hard; it’s only one finger.)

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