DAY 61: Cooking seafood

31 Oct

Totally cooking those scallops.

IF Helen’s hamming it up, she’s doing a marvellous job. “Fantastic,” she says, tucking into scallops and broccoli, delicately singed with chilli and garlic. “Really, really good.”

Upping the ante thrillingly from Day 11, in which I ate seafood, I’ve put out the call for suggestions for a seafood dish to cook myself, but since these suggestions ranged from “penguin” to “fish fingers” to the bloody impossible ” bouillabaisse”, I’ve decided to go down the scallop route. I’m pleased to be broadening my practical skills, although I’m mortified when I complain to Helen about the toxic garlic and chilli fumes infiltrating the house, and she pleasantly offers, “That’s why I always shut the kitchen door.”

I reckon there’s a ways to go before I think of things like that off my own bat.

Keeper? Yes! Will try mussel broth next time, and laugh in the face of food poisoning.

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