DAY 59: Mugging for a magazine cover

29 Oct

A bit like this.

OH, the number of times I’ve had to put fey ne’er-do-wells on covers of magazines and slap superlatives all over their chins. It’s about time the boot was on the other foot.

So far pretty much everyone in the office has been roped in to lounge around on the cover of this weekly, but I’ve resisted – when I’m not flaying my innards raw for a blog I’m actually intensely private, you know. But in the spirit of getting oneself out there, I go along to a top secret location and throw my best ‘come hither… no wait… where are you going?’ pose.

I’m not saying which mag it is, but if you see it do bear in mind that the bendy lens required to fit a wide scene in is bound to make my legs look a bit bandy.

Keeper? No.

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