DAY TWENTY-ONE: Riding the roller coaster at Luna Park

21 Sep

I’VE been trying to tell you, I really am a wowser. So this ‘scenic railway’ excursion (that’s the massive rickety roller coaster to non-Melburnians) is a big deal.

“Help!” I scream futilely into each abyss.

“Did you know this was built in 1912?” Clare says, not heeding my request.

I fail in my attempt to keep my eyes open, but then the ‘scenic railway’ has a ‘technical failure’ of its own. Luckily it’s only with the souvenir photos at the end, so you’ll have to take my word for it that I was sat right at the front.

Keeper? Yeaaargh!!

I looked a bit like this on the ride...

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