DAY 307: Going to see the alpacas

5 Jul

JOURNOS are always getting things wrong.

I’ve come to this alpaca fashion knit shop in Elsternwick to pet some alpacas, as advertised, like, all over the internet, but it turns out they live at a mill out near Ballarat and only visit the shop on a Sunday lunchtime.

It’s not a totally wasted journey though, as I do learn a new fact, which is the woman behind the till can’t own an iPhone like me, because apparently it would interfere with her pacemaker.

I also get this finger puppet so that I don’t leave empty handed, and so that the woman behind the till doesn’t feel guilty.

Keeper: I’d still like to cuddle an alpaca, if anyone can arrange.

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  1. Mel Campbell July 9, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

    Mikolai went to an alpaca farm but apparently they don’t like being cuddled.

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