DAY 304: Gawking at Viennese Art & Design

2 Jul

A bit of the Beethoven Frieze

I’VE got a newfound admiration for Klimt. When I was younger I found him too ornate and preferred the contortions of his self-loathing protégé Schiele, or the emotional collywobbles of Munch. Now that my consumption of amphetamines has dropped off, I’m happier admiring one of Gustav’s hectic frocks. His golden Beethoven Frieze, on display here at the National Gallery of Victoria, is well worth and ooh and an aah.

Schiele self-portrait.

The interior design of this era still looks playfully modern and daring…

Get me these.

…and the typography of the colour lithographs must be giving secret boners to all the sulky graphic designers mooching around the gallery.

I’d write more, but I get told off for typing into my phone, presumably in case I rush home and forge my own Beethoven Frieze. Someone ought to direct these security bozos to the section on sexual repression.

Keeper? Am inspired to seek out a course in lithographing. I’m also itching to turn someone into a Klimt sketch.

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