DAY 273: Did a prayer in a Catholic church

31 May

I’M Church of England so I’m not sure I’m allowed to make Catholic-style prayers, but my 20p’s as good as anybody’s, I reckon.

After reading off the little prayer card (below), I’m just pondering whether I’m supposed to put out the candle with the supplied watering can when I spot this weird, lifelike statue spying on me and blaspheme twice in fright.

I don’t know who it’s supposed to be. Dad looks at the photo later and reckons it looks like Jesus in Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ video, but that bloke was black , whereas I think this bloke looks like Daniel Bunting in horrible new Aussie flick Snowtown, about Adelaide serial killer John Bunting. Which suggests that everybody sees something different when they peer at this mysterious idol.

Keeper? Couldn’t wait to get out.

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