DAY 262: Shooting arrows

20 May

Don't hold it like this.

KUALA Lumpur’s a maze of upmarket malls, but Times Square is the most bizarre by far.

With escalators rising to dizzying heights and Lady Gaga pumping out of every dazzling white store, it’s got a theme park slap bang in the middle, around seven storeys up. Among the rides is a roller coaster, which weaves in and out of the eaves, curling down past shops and fast food joints.

Bugger that, though, I’m going to the archery range.

For three dollars I’m given 10 arrows and a full-size bow, and shown how to pull the thing. Right on cue Akon’s ‘That Girl is So Dangerous’ starts blaring out. It’s like they know about my wobbly eye and chronic myopia. (I call it mytopia – the world’s so much better all blurry.)

Archery’s hard on the ol’ bowing arm, but I manage to get all 10 arrows more or less on the target.

Man alive! It's a friggin' roller coaster!

Keeper? Would be hotter if it wasn’t in a mall.

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