DAY 253: The bush: as dry as a dead dingo’s donger

11 May

THE Screen Worlds exhibition at Melbourne’s ACMI is free, and tells the ‘story of film, television & digital culture’. A bit.

It was the Australiana I found most interesting.

The Bush: Through harsh, bleeding colour and the unforgiving calls of kookaburras and crows, filmmakers have long loved making the endless Australian bush seem claustrophobic – and sinister. Always sinister. Classic including Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Proposition and Wolf Creek are profiled here. Wake In Fright should definitely have been in there, in all its sunstroked, hungover hellishness, but I won’t quibble.

The Australian Accent: A video installation with clips from satirists like The Chaser and Chris Lilley, plus clips from The Castle, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, and various ocker types from sketch shows of yore.

The Mad Max Interceptor: Yep! It’s there! Complete with fingerprints from people who’ve leaned over the barricade to cop a feel.

Tracey Moffatt: The macabre, Brisbane-born artist’s various installations included a clip (above left) of an Aboriginal woman caring for her dying white mother – with barely constrained violence.

Keeper? Been now.

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