DAY 235: How to trespass responsibly

23 Apr

Tell the dog to be discreet.

* Make sure your dog is well mannered.

* Do not damage any trees crashing through the bush around locked gates – unless they are already dead.

* Drive slowly to avoid hitting emus and kangaroos – bad form. (Did you know the emu and kangaroo make up our national emblem partly because it’s impossible for them to move backwards? Well, now you do.)

* Make sure fire area is damp and clear of detritus. Scoot dirt over the fire pit before leaving.

* Quickly stamp out any exploding gas cylinders and surrounding fire, including any flames on yourself.

* Pick up your Cougar cans.

* Leave at 5am to save any rangers the hassle of arresting you.

I built this.

Keeper? Unavoidable at times.

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