DAY 228: Bathing in minerals

16 Apr

THERE’S a particularly hoity-toity neck of my woods famed for its hot springs.

Unfortunately, they’re shut, so we wind up visiting an expensive mineral bath (read: swimming pool) that’s salty enough, but also full of chlorine.

People hang glumly on to the edge of the pool and gaze out of the water-spotted windows at the nice day outside. It’s mainly full of couples, and one couple have matching bathers on. If I ever try and make my fella come to a spa with me he has my permission to dump me.

More fun’s to be had out in the open – we have a picnic in a woodland glen and I go for a wander around the river, where strands of spider webs are hanging everywhere from the tops of the trees, right down to the ground, where they attach to my clothes.

Keeper: Mornington Peninsula hot springs are more exciting by all accounts – you even get to sit in a bucket.

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