DAY 206: Driving with my knees

25 Mar

IT’S common country practice to drive with your knees, thus freeing up your hands for beverages and trying to something young and modern on the FM dial, so today I give it a go.

It’s not as easy as it looks. My right foot’s working the pedals while my left knee is steering, but I frequently end up veering towards one verge or ’nother – I can’t quite believe passenger Old Dog once pulled off an entire trip, knees-only. (A trip made out of principal, not necessity.)

“Driving with one wheel on the verge is good practice,” Old Dog soothes. “You need to know that you can carve down the verge if you have to, so that you don’t panic when another car approaches. ‘Carve, not scoop’ is my saying. It hasn’t caught on, though.”

Keeper? I’ll keep the carving, but knees are for bending, I reckon. I don’t plan on holding a can of Cougar anytime soon anyway.

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  1. Hey! March 28, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    NB: Quite shocked + amazed to do a twitter search for “driving with my knees” and find gazillions of people boasting about doing so – just so they could tweet-boast it. Unless they were on a totally deserted country road like mine… I DISAPPROVE.

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