DAY 187: She’s a beauty

6 Mar


TODAY I went around Emmo’s to work on getting my ute roadworthy – the handsome beast’s been parked in his drive since the previous owner wheezed it around. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked on a vehicle – hell, I only put petrol in one for the first time six months ago.

The ‘To Replace’ list ends up being quite large, which is what you get if you consult a whizbang mechanic I suppose. I’m sure we can narrow it down to one or two items.



Door trim clips

Driver’s window regulator

Door hinges

Driver’s door cup

Fuck, let’s just replace the whole door

Glove box liner (really?) and lid latch receiver

Festoon bulb

Cigarette lighter


Bench seat cover

Mud flaps x 2

Tyres x 2 (tread is “in line with the tread wear indicator”)

Driver’s side quarter window moulding

Tonneau hooks

Shock absorbers x 4

Left quarter front side mould under fuel filter

Snib button LHS

Inhibitor switch

Foam mattress

Left hand bench seat side something or other

Water squirter motor

Air filter

Radiator cap

So you see, a lot of these are aesthetic issues which we might just brush under the carpet. Which no doubt needs replacing too. All we get to do today is swap the indicator and reverse lights around – some genius stuck the wrong bulbs in the wrong holes – and bicker about whether the cabin looks “gay” or not. I’ve high hopes we’ll get the old girl roadworthy next time though – and I’ve put the nitrous oxide manual at the top of the stack on Emmo’s bookshelf for inspiration.

Keeper? I’d better get at least 10 years out of her after all this.

I unscrewed all sorts of things in here, Emmo had a sigh, and I screwed them back in again. Bonza!

3 Responses to “DAY 187: She’s a beauty”

  1. Mel March 7, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

    Surely the foam mattress is NUMBER 1 on the ‘replace’ list? Someone else’s ‘don’t come a-knocking’ mattress?!?!?!

  2. valentish March 8, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    That’s my feeling too, Mel. After all, I will need to be sleeping in my car by the time I’ve paid for all that lot.


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