DAY 157: Putting my stamp on everything

4 Feb

IT’S now the year of the rabbit – my year – and while I don’t seem to possess any of the traditional characteristics of this noble beast, I’m still keen to celebrate appropriately.

I go to Chinatown and buy some red packets. If you’re married, you’re supposed to put money in them and give them to children or single people you feel sorry for. There’re no instructions I can find for if you’re technically married but not in any position to be encouraging others, and I’m not made of money, so I buy a packet of fortune cookies to fill the envelopes. That’s nice, isn’t it?

Then I head down to Southbank, where some celebrating is already going down, I pose awkwardly for a set of commemorative Valentish stamps… and end up looking like a jaundiced Sylvia Plath. Not a sign of things to come, one hopes.

Keeper? No, because I will be posting them out to people – and just affixing the stamps to lampposts.

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