Day 134: Laughing solo

12 Jan

HAVING a good guffaw is supposed to release all sorts of endorphins and feel-good chemicals, lower blood pressure and boost immune function.

I can’t quite bring myself to do group laughter therapy just yet, so I try two minutes on my own this morning.

It sounds proper sinister, sniggering and wheezing alone, but eventually your stomach muscles sort of take over, in an involuntary spasm. The rabbit comes to investigate, as he always does when I make strange noises, which only adds to my discomfort… but by the time I’ve finished I feel kind of dizzy, which is good.

Amusing incidents from the back catalogue to draw upon:

The time I ran my driving instructor’s car off the road and he screamed like a girl.

The time Mum started howling at one of Dad’s dead-serious “it was the winter of my discontent” ruminations and couldn’t stop.

The time that guy in the pub introduced himself as Phil McGuinness.

Keeper? I like that you have to stand with your hands on your hips. I am going to stand with my hands on my hips next time I laugh at someone.

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