DAY 124: Writing to people in the news

2 Jan

THIS might mark my card as a weirdo, but today I pick three people in the newspaper who I reckon would love a letter from me.

I write to:

* Somebody incarcerated in the local prison, in a there-but-the-grace-of-God situation.

* A couple whose mean neighbours are trying to close down their rabbit sanctuary (I’m offering assistance, violent or otherwise).

* The editor of the Herald Sun pets page, to immortalise Mr Thumpy.

Keeper? Not sure. Not if they write me weird letters back.

One Response to “DAY 124: Writing to people in the news”

  1. BusiChic January 10, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    Mr Thumpy! have you ever made a movie with Mr Thumpy? if not, lets!

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