DAY 105: Failing my driving test over the most minor of details

14 Dec

THIS entry was supposed to have more of a triumphant tone, but due to unforseen circumstances there’s been a change to the scheduled programming.

I can’t quite believe I’ve failed when I’ve had experience running a car off the road, hitting a possum and driving a banger with wonky wheels. You’d think that covers all bases, but no – I’m failed for turning right when I’m in the middle lane, which, quite frankly, I’ve seen loads of people do. It’s a bit gutting, because – no offence – I really wasn’t going to be one of those softcocks who didn’t pass first time.

Keeper? One more time. And ask to see my parallel parking.

One Response to “DAY 105: Failing my driving test over the most minor of details”

  1. loupardi December 16, 2010 at 11:50 am #

    I passed third time. Once I took off and couldn’t work out why the car was slow and the handbrake was one. You’re going to beat me for sure.

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