DAY 90: Going to the cops

29 Nov

John Christie, a master of many disguises. Chair dancer among them?

HOW fitting, to mark day 90 – three months into my buck-your-ideas-up (TM Dad) scheme – by really breaking out the bunting and sounding those bells and whistles.

Unfortunately, it’s a Monday – got things to do, people to see – and so I wind up going to the Victoria Police Museum on Flinders: To miss it would be a crime!

The museum’s small, but a nice addendum to a Melbourne Gaol visit. There are plenty of pictures of handsome bushrangers and ne’er-do-wells; some Kelly armour (it’s 45kg, you know) and an exhibition dedicated to the collapse of the Westgate Bridge.

My favourite part was about dapper detective John Christie, who served in the late 1800s, “described as the idol of the Victorian public because of his astounding feats of athletics, his many hair-breadth escapes, extraordinary ruses and tricks, and his ingenuity and resourcefulness.” Pretty easy on the eye, too.

Keeper? I’ll keep John in mind when I get around to that novel. (As opposed to the ‘novel’.)

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