DAY 84: Passing my hazard test, despite Richard Marx’s best efforts

23 Nov

It's like playing Big Game Hunter, driving out where I live.

THE question is, can I pull off my hazard test (stage one of your driving test) while I’ve got ‘Hazard’ by Richard Marx droning relentlessly between my ears?

>click the mouse when you would slow down<

“I swearrrr I left her by the river…”

>click the mouse when you would turn right<

“...All of my rescues are go-o-o-o-o-o-one

Fortunately, I pass… although at 61%, I’d watch my brake lights vigilantly if I were you.

Swerving haphazardly off topic, I’ve noticed my Vic Roads driving manual reads like a Buddhist tract. If you replace ‘drive’ with ‘act’, and ‘drivers’ with ‘people’, you’ve got a Zen manual for living:

* Always drive co-operatively, even when others are not.

* Give other drivers plenty of space so they don’t feel like you are invading their personal space.

* Concentrate on driving and pay attention to changes in driving conditions.

* If you make a mistake while driving, acknowledge it.

* If another driver makes a mistake or becomes aggressive, try not to react – remember, it is a mistake, not a personal attack.

* Don’t make offensive hand gestures.

To that I would only add: Keep on movin’, don’t look back (except for the odd head check)

Keeper? No one can take this away from me. Not even after Day 87.

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  1. Hellcat666 November 24, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    Well done!

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