DAY 70: Taking the Melbourne Town Hall tour

9 Nov

I’VE just spent the past hour Google imaging John Batman, after finding out on the Melbourne Town Hall tour that he was a “syphilitic, whoring alcoholic” with half his face eaten away by the sexy disease. Unfortch, he’s always depicted from the side for this very reason, so no joy. Don’t Google image “syphilis” while you’re eating lunch at your desk, by the way.

On an entirely separate note, here's former Moomba King Molly Meldrum.

Our tour guide’s a lovely old chap who lingers particularly long at the Town Hall pipe organ, behind which we explore three floors and endless rooms full of springs, pipes and whirligigs. Agatha Christie could have plotted an excellent death within the machinations of a pipe organ.

Our guide tears up when he concludes that it’s Melbourne’s most wondrous trophy… yet most people don’t even know it’s here.

Synthy bits of the organ.

Keeper? Done this one!

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