DAY 66: Getting a helicopter view of the world

5 Nov

Looks non-lethal enough.

I ADMIRE those with a helicopter view of the world – and nobody has more of a helicopter view of the world than a helicopter. Mike meets me by the boathouse to give his remote control one a whirl.

He’s attached a dodgy-as camera to it that’s secreted inside a Bic-style lighter, which can give you great shots of the city or sunbathers. The helicopter’s pretty hard to control. It threatens to hover off into the Yarra a few times, and it seems the slightest gust of wind or kack-handed move sends it crashing down onto the tarmac. Which is awesome. Mike is very sporting, even when his favourite toy whizzes off to explore a tree for a bit.

Keeper? Has anyone made a remote control pterodactyl yet?

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