DAY 40: Examining Perth’s penal system

10 Oct

LAST time I came to Perth I had to completely deviate from my path when I spotted some strapping plainclothes cops with guns stuck into their jeans and was moved to trail them.

This time ’round, the evening news is filled with footage of strapping cops mercilessly tasering a remand prisoner 13 times as he writhes on the floor. Another bubble burst, eh?

I decide to pay the old Fremantle Prison a visit for a taste of penal history stretching from 1855 to 1991. And it seems precious little changed in that period, if our authentically dead-behind-the-eyes tour guide is to be believed. He repeats bad jokes about death row, hangings and floggings till we ‘get them’ – that is, we laugh politely. Talk about gallows humour.

Keeper: Will do the tunnel tour next time.

Cell art. I can hear the waves crashing.

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