DAY 32: Going to the Deni Ute Muster with PMT

2 Oct

WHEN these two dramatic events aligned on my calendar, I’ll admit I was concerned. I’m a joy most days of the month, but on special days I can feel irritation churning like boiling soup; all the scum rising to the surface before exploding in scalding hot bubbles of rage. Still, as long as I avoid loud noises, crowds, jostling, fuckwits, and gets tons of sleep, I should be right.

Fortunately, the Deni Ute Muster turns out to be a breeze, a hoot, and surprisingly laidback. So much so that I decide to brave the ridicule of the RM Williams brigade and climb aboard the mechanical bull. 

Blokes in cowboy hats quickly gather and yell out bumper stickerisms at me: “It works better if you take your top off!” “You can do that for free in my ute!” – but I’d be gutted if they didn’t.

 Keeper? Yahoo!

I cannot BELIEVE this kid is not watching.

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