DAY FOUR: Strange girls dress me

4 Sep


URGED by Cosmopolitan, I submit three potential date outfits to a website for consideration by a bunch of anonymous ladies. One’s a wild card. I mean, only a macrame owl-loving, gallery-loitering kind of chick with quirky specs would wear outfit No.2, in which case a date’s unlikely to be a pressing problem, right? Let’s call that one a test for the gals of Go Try It On.

I suspect this is all pointless protocol unless some blokes secretly log on and vote – it’s a bloke I’m going out with, after all. Girls think berets, rabbit brooches and clogs are cute. Men, so far as I can tell, do not.

Here are my three frocks and the ladies’ comments: although “nice for $lutt!ng it up” is not particularly ladylike.  

NB: I didn’t get round to the hair, okay?

Keeper? If I ever turn into the sort of woman who dresses for women.

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